Orthopedic face mask - Chronomask® Connected Pack
Orthopedic face mask - Chronomask® Connected Pack Content


The Chronomask® of InnOralis was designed to effectively treat class III orthopedic dysmorphosis.

A refined shape, very light, the Innoralis facial protraction device feets to all patient morphologies.
The treatment of class III dysmorphosis gains in comfort and ergonomics thanks to Chronomask®.

Using the connected coaching module for Chronomask®, actively monitor your patient's orthopedic treatment.
Orient your patient approach based on the data collected.

Associated with a fun and interactive smartphone application, motivate your patient to follow his treatment correctly.

The Chronomask® Connected Pack is delivered with:

- A Chronomask® Light

- An electronic treatment monitoring module with integrated battery and crossbar, its USB cable and the practitioner monitoring software (download in the files below)

- A patient motivation kit

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Orthopedic face mask - Chronomask® Connected Pack

Let us succeed in all of our class III orthopedic treatments thanks to Chronomask®: It controls time, let it motivate our patients!

With the Chronomask® Connected Pack which includes:

  • A Chronomask® Light
  • An electronic coaching module
  • A patient motivation kit

... learn about a new class III treatment facility for young and very young patients!

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Produit 100% made in France
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  • Former Strasbourg University Senior Lecturer,

  • International speaker and author of several scientific papers in national and international journals on the chewing function and on the functional treatment of brachymaxillies

  • Author of "Complexité du système masticateur : Manifeste pour un nouveau paradigme de l'occlusion dentaire", Empresa Editions and "Traitement orthopédique des classes III : Réhabilitation occlusale et fonctionnelle", Empresa Editions


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Produits 100% made in France

100% made in France

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