Kit de démarrage CT8

Exceptional reliability

> The placement in basal bone, the absence of a mechanical lever arm and the fact that the screw is buried away from oral bacteria give the CT8® System significantly higher reliability than transgingival mini-screws.

Universal and reproducible technique

> The CT8® System can be used for virtually all clinical indications, even in situations of bone loss, weakened periodontium or at corticotomy sites.

Simple and risk-free anatomical placement

> The placement protocol is codified and the anatomical sites defined in order to avoid any operative risk and allow simple and safe placement for both the patient and the practitioner.

Three-dimensional control without interaction with tooth movements

> Figure 8 loop connectors benefit from 3D anchoring allowing the connector to be used as a cantilever spring in the three dimensions of space.

> The position of the screws away from the dental roots does not interfere with their movement.

New optimized design and new material

> Screw head shoulder designed for perfect adaptation between system elements and double thread for improved primary stability even in thin cortices.

> Specific alloy CTnox® connectors for superior resilience, elasticity and biocompatibility.

Complete screw and connector kits by clinical indication

> Kits available: incisor intrusion/retraction, impacted canine traction, molar straightening, molar distalization/intrusion, molar mesialization.

Dedicated ancillaries

> Screwdriver optimized to hold both the screw and the connectors during installation, and recess designed for ease of adaptation to the screw during removal.

> Specific bayonet instrument for adapting the connectors during installation.

> Complete storage sterilizable rack for several micro-screw kits + connectors


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Orthodontic Bone Anchor - CT8® System - Complete Starter Pack

Let's hang on, it's holding... Seriously!

Contents :

  • 1 incisor intrusion kit (2x CTO)
  • 1 Canine Traction Kit Included / Molar Distalization Right (CT8-1 Right)
  • 1 Canine Traction Kit Included / Left Molar Distalization (CT8-1 Left)
  • 1 CT8® screwdriver
  • 1 CT8® bayonet instrument
  • 1 CT8® cleaning and sterilization rack
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Produit 100% made in France
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Dental Surgeon Specialist ODF

  • International lecturer and author of numerous publications and scientific articles in national and international journals on bone anchorages

  • Prize for the best European clinical article 2013-2014 awarded by the European Federation of Orthodontics

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Produits 100% made in France

100% made in France

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