Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield Premium Pack.jpg
Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield Lateral-Axial version
Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield  - Clamping Vice
Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield Pack
Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield Premium Pack.jpg
Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield Lateral-Axial version
Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield  - Clamping Vice
Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield Pack
Brand: InnOralis

Dentist protective visor - Aeroshield Premium Pack 🇪🇳


With the protective visor anti-Covid-19 for dentists, together, let's fight against viral contamination with more protection ... against aerosols!

No need to choose between lateral and axial version, the Aeroshield Pack contents:

  • 1 Aeroshield axial
  • 1 lateral support plate
  • 5 protective bubbles

Expected shipping within 24-48h

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Hygiène et Stérilisation
Protection Aérosols COVID 19 Orthodontie

product description

  • A solution developed to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis

The Aeroshield of innOralis was designed to protect dental surgeons, their assistants and their patients from aerosols and projections potentially loaded with viruses generated during treatment procedures.

Acting on the origin of the aerosol is to avoid contamination of the ambient air, but it is also to avoid contamination of the surfaces when the aerosol falls down.

While a surgical aspiration at the origin of the aerosol does not capture the droplets with the highest velocity, or the air purification devices require a long duration of action not compatible with a sequence of care, the Aeroshield of innOralis acts both as a barrier to projections, but also as an area of negative pressure that allows the aerosol to be effectively sucked up at a height where it is easily captured.


  • Characteristics

The vise is easily adaptable to the headrest of your chair and with the flexible, they allow you to position the Aeroshield as you wish.

The support plate can accommodate an aspiration system to complete the barrier action of the bubble: simple surgical aspiration to create a negative pressure, or vacuum cleaner type "Clean room" with external outlet or absolute filter HEPA H13 / H14 or ULPA can be used with the Aeroshield without difficulty (adapter supplied).

The support plate and the bubble allow to easily fix an operating field with the supplied stainless-steel clamps. This field completes the closure of the treatment area and limits the spread of aerosols.

The bubble is large to offer the best possible visibility for the practitioner and non-anxiety-inducing comfort for the patient. It can be diassembled from the support plate to be replaced by another one and cold-cleaned. A second bubble is provided to be used alternately. 

From universal attachment to the use of an aspiration or not, the Aeroshield is the most adaptable and versatile anti-aerosol device !

In order to better adapt to the habits of each practitioner, 2 versions are available:
- Axial Aeroshield
- Lateral Aeroshield

Only the support plate changes ...
You can choose between a side or an axial plate; all other parts of the kit are compatible.

If you already have the axial version and now wish to opt for lateral use, you just need to acquire the lateral support plate and exchange it with the axial support plate.

Support plates are available individually.

technical datas

Content of the pack:

  • 1 vise
  • 1 white flexible hose, 80 cm length
  • 1 axial support plate
  • 1 adapter for aspiration hose from 18 to 32  mm of diameter
  • 1 stopper cap
  • 4 clamps to fix an operating field
  • 1 set of screws
  • 1 restocking of 5 protective bubbles
  • 1 lateral support plate

Made and designed in France

The vacuum system is not included.

Options on request (not included):

  • Adapter hose to connect a "clean room" aspiration (1,50m length / 31mm of external diameter)
  • Flexible hose 100cm length


The Aeroshield is the work of a collective thinking carried out by a group of practitioners on Facebook from the first days of the confinement linked because of COVID19:

Dr. Olivier Braëms

Dr. Jean-Gabriel Chillès

Dr. Marc Deviot

Dr. Jean-François Ernoult

Dr. Magalie Héré

Dr. Marina Le Marié

Dr. Ambre Simon

Dr. Cécile Valéro

Dr. Quentin de Vomécourt


Thank you to everyone who participated!


Download datas related to this product

Aeroshield assembly and operating guide (1.08 MB)

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